Liz's Many Ramblings...and such

9 April 1981

My mood theme is by "jeudijoli" and was found HERE.
alice 19th, alice in wonderland, amvs, amy lee, animals, anime, anime cons, anime conventions, art, band, beauty and the beast, books, boys, broadway, card captor sakura, cats, chess, chobits, choir, chopin, clamp, clothes, conventions, cosplay, cosplayers, costumes, costuming, crafts, dance dance revolution, ddr, disney, disney princesses, dragons, drawing, dresses, dungeons & dragons, egl, elayne, elves, england, eponine, evanescence, evila, fantasy, fantasy movies, faries/faeries, fashion, final fantasy, flowers, fred weasley, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, games, george weasley, green, green ajah, gryffindor, harry potter, ice cream, internet, ireland, japan, johnny depp, katsucon, kitties, labyrinth, legend, legend of dragoon, lemony snicket, les miserables, link, lodoss, looking for group comic, lord of the rings, love, manga, marching band, moulin rouge, movies, mp3, mp3s, music, naruto, nature, neverwinter nights, ninjas, order of the stick, orlando bloom, otakon, otakon staff, parties, perrin, pets, pgsm, piano, pink, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pita ten, prince of persia, queen's knight (manga), quilting, rachmaninoff, rain, rand al'thor, rapunzel, reading, record of lodoss war, robert jordan, rocky horror picture show, ron weasley, roses, rpgs, samurai champloo, series of unfortunate events, sewing, sex, shopping, singing, sirius black, skirts, sleeping, sleeping beauty, space channel 5, stickers, t.a.tu., tamahome, the last unicorn, the little mermaid, the music man, the weasely twins, theater, tsubasa: reservoir chronicles, tulips, twilight saga, ulala, unicorns, vampires, vh1, video games, water, wheel of time, willow, witches, wizards, world of warcraft, xxxholic, zelda