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Cosplay green monster

So I was checking cosplaylab today. Someone has listed that they are making the costume that I really, REALLY want to make. I'm ashamed to say a little green monster in me rose up and said "Rawr! I MUST make that, and hopefully before her!" >_<'
I can't help it, I'm protective of the um...'story' that character comes from. That and for a couple years now I've been plotting and would kinda like to be the first to make it. Although, I know rydain also wants to make it. Oddly enough, if it were her making it, I'd be ok with that. Is it because I know her but not this other person? I feel very petty right now, especially since I try to be nice and open-minded towards other people. *grumble*

And no, I still don't know what we're making for Katsu. I hate to be dramatic, but it almost breaks my heart that Brian finally says I can make it, but I don't really have the funds. Technically, I do, but it would make too big of a dent I'm afraid. *sigh*
Though because of funds, I may end up making Malon/Romani & Cremia. I already have the wig and boots. Though the boots need to be a different, darker brown. And I have a skirt half-made...but I think I want a different shade of purple. Cause I'm finicky and picky and not sure I'm happy with that color. And if it's the only costume I make for Katsu, I want it perfect, darnit! XD


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Dec. 23rd, 2004 04:15 pm (UTC)
No, no...be petty! It's normal! I always get mad when I see a total stranger taking my idea! But it's OK, because then I just swear that MY version will be better, and that makes me OK with it. HAHAHHAHA!

and I SWEAR I didn't drink while writing the holiday cards! REALLY! But maybe, that was the problem!

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