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Hey everybody, this is Brian

Liz, Libby and I are announcing the birth of our second daughter!!

Katelyn Jennifer Cutler
Born: 11/02/05 at 8:27pm
Size: 10lbs. 14oz. 23in. long

NOTE: This is not a typo, she really was almost 11lbs.

Both Katelyn and Liz are doing fine. Liz will post pics after she gets back.


Nintendo test

Nintendo Know It All
Your Nintendo knowledge got you 91!
Damn, you know your stuff! You must have grown up playing Nintendo games. I'm guessing you still play em' too. Time to time you probably pull out your old NES and SNES to play the classics. But with so much knowledge you must have noticed that this test was a bit too easy right?

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 96% on supershrooms
Link: The Nintendo Test written by booster1 on Ok Cupid

Wooo! I am a Nintendo dork, I <3 Nintendo. And I actually have the SNES hooked up right here, and the NES at my parents...for now XD

Birthday wishes~

Happy Birthday ryoko!
I still can't believe you're that much younger than me, lol.
Anyway, I know you have classes all day, but I hope lots of good things happen to make your day special! <3


Ok, this link comes from the zelda community I'm a member of, but it's an a capella group doing...nintendo themes. Old school!
It's awesome, you have to watch if you grew up with Nintendo like I did!


Happy Birthday gynsala!

Haha, you're old. Not really though, cause in three months, I'll be that 'young' too XD
Have a good day, don't party too hard, and get here safely tomorrow!

Not that I'm suprised...

Intellignce memeCollapse )
Haha, the only reason I didn't get "100%" for Music is cause I don't like creating my own music. Ah well.

Yanked from cassandramorgan

You scored as Goddess of the Golden Dawn. You come from heaven. You wake people from their sleep. Your purity is unlike any other, nor is your beauty. By the way, nice wings!


Goddess of the Golden Dawn


Ethereal Priestess Fairy


Druid Fairy


Twilight Mistress Fairy




Autumn Fairy


Snow Fairy


Rose Thorn Fairy


Raven Fairy


Which Firefly-Path Fairy are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

It also happens to be Haruka's birthday today, so Happy Birthday to her, even though she has no clue who I am, lol!

One month till Katsucon!

...So I suppose I should get started on costumes, yes? XD
I mean, it must be getting closer if I start having "weird con dreams" and wake up early thinking "I'd better get started on costumes", lol
I also didn't think about the possibility of a blizzard that weekend until last night. How quickly I forget, hehe. I just pray that there's not a blizzard this year. That would just suck, and I know that if there's a chance of a blizzard, my mom won't go, which would kinda screw us over.
So I need to go to the fabric store, because I have nothing for Brian's costume. I need to watch some FMA episodes to figure out what Elysia and Gracia wear. Guess I better get crackin ^_^

Happy New Year People!

Hard to believe it's 2005 already. And my dad said "The years start flying even faster" as we get older >_<

Saw "Phantom of the Opera" this weekend. It was really good, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I think we'll get the soundtrack this week, and Brian already said he'd get the movie when it comes out on DVD ^_^
The costumes in it were just beautiful, I wouldn't mind having a few of them, hehe. And the singing was all good, even though it wasn't really Minnie Driver singing. She was great in that role though.
Oh, and I loved the sets for the Opera House too. Very cool.

Also watched "Silverado" on Saturday, which I'd seen before (many times) but didn't really remember. It's one of those movies we watched a lot when I was younger, but it had been a long time since I'd seen it. As far as my family's concerned, it's the best Western made.
Brian and I watched "Dodgeball" last night, it was very funny. We really enjoyed that one too. "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody!" XD

My mom doesn't think we should be going to Katsucon. I know she's right, but honestly, (not to be dramatic) I have to go. Besides, now it seems that lindze might be going, so we should make the FMA costumes we talked about. Otherwise I'll probably get punched XD
Not to mention, gynsala is going, and it'll be his first con, and he's rooming with us. So yeah. We'll make it work, even though we should be saving every penny for a house.

Oh yeah and it was 86 degrees when I woke up this morning. AGAIN. Talked to a guy and he said he'll be here today to fix it. Let's hope so!


Cut for you peopleCollapse )
Other than that, hope everyone had a good holiday, whether it was Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa!