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Cosplay green monster

So I was checking cosplaylab today. Someone has listed that they are making the costume that I really, REALLY want to make. I'm ashamed to say a little green monster in me rose up and said "Rawr! I MUST make that, and hopefully before her!" >_<'
I can't help it, I'm protective of the um...'story' that character comes from. That and for a couple years now I've been plotting and would kinda like to be the first to make it. Although, I know rydain also wants to make it. Oddly enough, if it were her making it, I'd be ok with that. Is it because I know her but not this other person? I feel very petty right now, especially since I try to be nice and open-minded towards other people. *grumble*

And no, I still don't know what we're making for Katsu. I hate to be dramatic, but it almost breaks my heart that Brian finally says I can make it, but I don't really have the funds. Technically, I do, but it would make too big of a dent I'm afraid. *sigh*
Though because of funds, I may end up making Malon/Romani & Cremia. I already have the wig and boots. Though the boots need to be a different, darker brown. And I have a skirt half-made...but I think I want a different shade of purple. Cause I'm finicky and picky and not sure I'm happy with that color. And if it's the only costume I make for Katsu, I want it perfect, darnit! XD

"I'm sorry, I don't speak monkey"

So we saw "Series of Unfortunate Events" on Saturday. It was pretty good, but I was confused because they threw a couple things in that weren't in the first three books. Still, as a movie, it was good, and I enjoyed it. It didn't follow the books exactly, but I feel it stayed pretty true to the characters. Except Count Olaf, though he was pretty good, just not quite as mean. Though Brian tells me that in later books Olaf is more comic relief anyway, lol
Also, it was in theater 13. Brian and were laughing about this, and the ticket taker was like "...wtf are these 2 wierdos laughing about?"
We explained how funny it was that this movie was in theater 13, and he was like "...I haven't seen it yet" >_<
Riiight...this is after I said "Ya know, unfortunate, 13 being an unlucky number..."
So yeah, good movie. Today is FRICKIN cold! We have like, ice on the INSIDE of our windows! I mean, sure, it's like 70 in here, but still! And man, when I had to take Libby to the bus stop, my eyes started tearing up, and I swear, the tears like, froze on my face. Stupid wind.
Um...still haven't sent any cards out yet. I suck XD
I'll get them sent out before Christmas Eve, I swear!

Paper Mario

..beaten! Yay, look, I actually finished a game! XD
I love that game. I may be cosplaying from that instead for Katsucon ^_^
Either Vivian or "Shadow Queen" (erm, possessed form). We'll see.
So now I can start a new game, either Disgaea (FINALLY) and/or X-men Legends.
But not tonight. Too tired, and I'm having really bad heartburn, for some reason. (Yeah, I know, you all needed to know that :P)

Wow, only ten days until Christmas!

Portrait Quiz thing

I cut it for you nice peoplesCollapse )

Not sure I agree with all of that, but oh well. Like, I would be more social if there were more of my friends close by. And I don't depend on them for everything, I usually go to Brian, or failing that, my mom. Yes, my mom, shut up XD

Being 'responsible' sucks.

So, it looks like I'm NOT doing the costume I really, REALLY want to do, because I would need to spend AT LEAST $48 on extensions alone. We're trying to save money for a house and stuff, so spending that much on hair alone = not good. I cry emo tears now ;_;

So! Back to the drawing board. Nothing really catches my fancy as much as that did. And Brian doesn't want to make the Tactics Advance costumes, because he thinks they're "unrealistic" (mainly Cid). Poo.
I have some lolita designs that I could make, but I'm not sure if I'd be happy in just those and my other "simple" costume.

Anyone have any ideas? Besides Sailor Moon, I know that got a lot of votes. It's been done so many times, that's my only qualm about it. *sigh*

I'm crazy

So I woke up this morning already thinking (yes, weird, I know). I was thinking about that certain cosplay I want to do that Brian said 'no' to. I was thinking of a possible way to do it, and even sketched it out later that day. I talked to him about it, and he said to try and price it out, then we'd talk some more.
It would involve me making two huge ponytails of different colors, and attaching them to a 'base' wig. I could see SO many things going wrong with it, but also, if it works, it could be awesome.
I've never seen this character attempted, and sure, maybe only five people would know who I was, but I would know, and that would be good enough for me ^_^

...and no, I don't want to say who it is yet, lol.

Been on a lolita kick lately, and I actually dug out a project I hadn't worked on since the spring O_o
Must...sew...more...lolita! I love lolita fashion, and yet I own like, nothing lolita. Bizzarre. Well, hopefully, I'll soon change that. Not to mention, I want to make coordinating outfits for Libby and me. It would be very cute! ^^

Meme thingee

Hey, Old Fart!

Happy Birthday ulicqel_droma!!
Ok, so you're not an old fart, but you are one year older today!

Ya know...

I'm getting REALLY tired of having to turn the computer back on!
The power went out AGAIN, but at least this time it was only for a few minutes. But STILL...
Hehe, and oddly enough, both times the power went out today, I was in the middle of posting to tristencitrine's journal. Is that some sort of omen or something? XD
That'll teach me to reach out and say 'hi' to cool people, lol.

At least Libby wasn't here. Last time the power went out, Brian and I were sorting laundry, and we yelled out to her "Don't open the fridge!"
I hear the fridge open, and run out to the kitchen to find Libby standing there, staring at the open fridge, and she says "...The light won't come on" >_<
Oy, kids.